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5280 Baltimore Dr
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Art of Survival Krav Maga  |  5280 Baltimore Dr La MesaCA91942  |  (619) 988-2670
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Empowering people to protect themselves in any situation is our focus at Art of Survival Krav Maga. At our center for martial arts in La Mesa, CA, we offer a variety of classes in self-defense, Krav Maga, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kids' self-defense, and more. Widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive, reality-based self-defense systems in the world, Krav Maga has been adapted to meet the needs of civilians as well as law enforcement, military, and security personnel. 
Our facility features 1,000 square feet of mat space, new focus mitts, kick shields, Thai pads, and many other training tools to offer you the highest level of martial arts training possible. Unlike other martial arts schools, our up-to-date version of Krav Maga is integrated with our striking and grappling programs so that students can learn at a much faster pace. Additionally, we go beyond the "one on one" realm to include dealing with multiple attackers and weapons. Besides Krav Maga, other programs we offer include Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, STXKickboxing, and submission grappling. 
When you're ready to improve your life through learning self-defense, fighting, and fitness, stop by Art of Survival Krav Maga for a free initial class, or call us today at (619) 988-2670.

We are located at 5280 Baltimore Dr, La Mesa, CA.

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